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Mustard Greens Giant Curled Seeds

  • Rs. 40.00


(Brassica juncea)

This is a "medium-spicy" mustard green, which produces a thick bunch of curled, frilly bright green leaves. The mustard taste gets milder when its cooked, and the leaves can be served raw in a salad mix or stir fried as a vegetable dish.

This mustard variety grows best in cooler climates, but can also tolerate some warm weather. Mustards are pretty simple to germinate and grow, which makes them a great choice for those of us who can't spare a lot of time in their gardens.

Ready to harvest after 50-70 days. Extend your harvest by plucking a few leaves at a time (leave at least 4-5 on the plant).

Ideally grown in semi-shaded but bright conditions. Grows well in containers.

Estimated seed count
~ 300 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)
~ 600 seeds for Outdoor Garden Pack (Large)

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