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Celery D'Elne Seeds

Celery D'Elne Seeds

  • Rs. 50.00


(apium graveolens)

This French celery variety develops tight bunches of fleshy stalks (when the weather gets cool enough). It has bright green leaves and the plan is a medium tall size.

Stalks need to be shaded from the sun if you prefer them blanched and white. Grows well in pots and the garden in semi-shaded conditions.

Sow the seeds in a nursery for best results and transplant when seedlings have 6-8 leaves.

NOTE: Celery and other herb seeds germinate slowly (often 10-15 days) and should be sown when minimum temperatures are below 20°C for good germination results). November is a good time for sowing in India.

Estimated seed count
~ 600-700 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)

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