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Lettuce Lollo Rossa Seeds - OG

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(Lactuca sativa)

An heirloom variety, Lollo Rossa hails from the Turin region of Italy. It produces loose heads with deeply frilled, frizzy ruby red leaves with a light green base and a mild lettuce flavour.

Slow to bolt, Lollo Rossa is cut-and-come-again (i.e., just cut away the leaves you need, and the plant will grow back and produce more leaves) type of plant, which makes it a great choice for a longer harvest period. Usually ready for harvest between 58-70 days.

Better when shaded from strong afternoon sun. Also good for growing in containers.

Estimated seed count
~ 780 - 800 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)
~ 1560 - 1600 seeds for Outdoor Garden Pack (Large)

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