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How to Germinate Vegetable Seeds

Germinating seed is something that new gardeners often struggle with, but if you think about it, its really one of the simplest things in the world.

Just look around you. Every tree that you see is the result a germinated seed, and most of those weren't planted with our intervention. Most of the work is done by nature.

What you need to learn to be able to replicate and improve on the natural process, is some basic understanding of the conditions that the specific thing you want to grow needs to germinate. With just a few simple precautions, you can germinate most seeds pretty easily.

Regular seed tests ensure that seed vitality is high and germination is successful

Here are some of the basic questions to ask, if your attempts at germination have failed:

1. Are your seeds viable?
2. Is your soil/medium carefully prepared – not contaminated with harmful elements or depleted of all its nutrients?
3. Have you been watering your seeds appropriately (not too much or too little)?
4. How deep is your seed sown?
5. Should I direct-sow or put seeds in nurseries?

Want to learn more? Read this detailed tutorial "The Basics of Germinating Vegetable Seeds".


Different seeds germinate at different times - usually taking from 2 to 10 days