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Celery Herb (Cutting) Seeds

Celery Herb (Cutting) Seeds

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(apium graveolens)

This is a cutting celery variety with highly flavoured leaves (doesn't produce true thick stalks). The leaves are more aromatic than regular celery which makes them great for flavouring use as a herb and can be used fresh or dried for use later.

Leaves resemble flat-leaf parsley in appearance and can be used to add flavor to salads, sauces and soups. Use the glossy leaves and thin green stalks.

Grows well in pots and the garden in semi-shaded conditions. Sow the seeds in a nursery for best results and transplant when seedlings have 6-8 leaves.

NOTE: Celery and other herb seeds germinate slowly (often 10-15 days) and should be sown when minimum temperatures are below 20°C for good germination results). November is a good time for sowing in India.

Estimated seed count

~ 200-240 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)

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