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Lady Finger Ark Anamika (Bhindi) Seeds

Lady Finger Ark Anamika (Bhindi) Seeds

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(Abelmoschus esculentus)

Lady finger is a much-loved and easy-to-grow crop. It loves sunlight, rich loamy soil and generous watering. The monsoons are an ideal time to plant this, as it does not need to be irrigated. They reach a length of 6" - 7" when ready to harvest.

50-65 days to maturity. Bring on the heat! The hotter the better! Full sun produces healthy plants while in cooler climates (below 20 degrees) the results are not as predictable. It can also be grown in containers, but the minimum size for these should be 12"-14" (depth and width).

Estimated seed count
~ 17 -19 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)
~ 34 - 38  seeds for Outdoor Garden Pack (Large)

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