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Pak Choy White Stem Seeds

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(Brassica rapa var chinensis)

Pak choy (also Pak Choi or Bok Choy) is one of the most popular asian vegetables amongst gardeners, with attractive roundish, medium green leaves and white crunchy stems.

This is a non-heading plant whose leaves are smooth, glossy and mild tasting. It grows fast, producing both baby and regular leaves during the cool season, but can bolt and produce seed if its too cold or hot.

Growing tips:

Prefers full sun during cooler months but bolts in strong sunlight during the warmer season. Grows very well in beds or containers.

50-65 days to harvest. Sun-loving but prefers cool weather.

Estimated seed count
~ Approx 300 - 340 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)
~ Approx 600 - 680 seeds for Outdoor Garden Pack (Large)

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