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Zucchini Black Beauty Seeds - OG

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(Cucurbita pepo, var. cylindrica)

Grows best in Winter

One of the most popular squash varieties, zucchini or courgette has become a really popular vegetable in urban cuisine. This Black Beauty variety produces a dark-green fruit with firm creamy white flesh and fine flavour. It's delicious when lightly steamed, sauteed, stir-fried or baked and should ideally be harvested young. The male flowers are also edible.

The zucchini plant is large and bushy, unlike other gourds which tend to be climbers. This variety is very productive and will produce several fruit through its growing season.

Growing tips:

Do NOT over-water the plants, as this can lead to problems with mildew. Can be susceptible to fruit flies but can be protected with an appropriate pheromone trap.

Can be grown in large containers (minimum 12" depth and width) but occupies a lot of floor space when mature.

55-60 days to harvest. Sun-loving but prefers cool weather.

Estimated seed count
~ 10 seeds for Container Garden Pack (Regular)
~ 20 seeds for Outdoor Garden Pack (Large)

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